Who are you again?

I’m a critic and culture writer at BuzzFeed News. My works also appeared in IndieWire, the AV Club, Time Out, Movieline (RIP), and Salon. I used to host the Filmspotting: SVU podcast (also RIP) with Matt Singer. I mostly write about movies and TV, which is to say I write about everything as reflected on a screen.

And what is this thing?

This is a newsletter I created as a place to put shorter reviews and bloggish stuff. I’ve loved writing longer essays and features, but I’ve also missed having a place for the half-digested effluvia my mind retches up! Doesn’t that sound appealing?

Is it free?

It is! And will continue to be for at least the near future. In exchange, I reserve the right to flake out for weeks at a time when I get busy or just can’t be bothered. ✌️